Top 20  Bush decisions that took us in the wrong direction

(and counting)


1.     Failure to take the threat of terrorism seriously enough before 9-11. 


2.     Choosing the wrong war over the right war after 9-11.


3.     Fighting the right war and wrong war, the wrong way.


4.     Failing to call for an independent commission, or supporting congressional investigations for 1 year,                    resulting in a delay of findings that may have helped to prevent an unnecessary war. 


5.     Losing the respect of our allies, while increasing the resolve of our enemies.


6.     Failing to fully protect the homeland after 9-11.


7.     Reducing civil liberties of Americans in response to attacks from non-Americans.


8.     Keeping tax cuts for the wealthiest, despite growing deficits and going to war.


9.     Increasing the deficits & national debt to record amounts.


10.   Shifting the tax burden from the wealthiest to the middle class. 


11.  Taking away overtime from some American workers.


12.  Allowing the number of people in poverty to grow.


13.  Allowing the number without health care to grow. 


14.  Allowing the outsourcing and decreasing of American jobs, decreasing overtime eligibility.


15.  Allowing the ban on assault weapons and community cops programs to end, while warning us about imminent attacks on our homeland.  (Pretending to favor the assault weapons ban, and letting it die, then accepting an endorsement from  the NRA.)                         


16.  Appointing ultra conservative judges, while pretending he does not plan to challenge Roe V                                              Wade.  


17.  Appointing “foxes to watch the chicken coop” in several departments, including environmental protection

agency and the department of the interior.  


18.   Failing to take responsibility for mistakes, while preaching about an era personal responsibility.


19.   Waging a campaign that distorts the record, positions and character of an opponent (again), and                           thereby demonstrating less character than your opponent (again).


  20.  Championing a Constitutional Amendment to ban Gay Marriage, thus using the amendment process to limit the rights of some Americans, in stark contrast to most Amendments that provide more rights to Americans.  The same folks who couldn’t stomach the Equal Rights Amendment for women, can’t wait to limit the freedoms of gay, lesbian, bisexual & transgendered   Americans.  They also oppose civil unions in their party platform. 


Elect Kerry - Edwards  &  Jeff Miller 24th NY District  & Bob Johnson 23rd NY District




To bring better decision making back to DC.   To get us back on the right track again.       


$          Letting the facts drive the decisions, rather than the other way around.               


$          Putting the needs of all our people and our country ahead of the wants of the wealthy,  the corporations and special interest groups of the right.         


$          Once we clear away the distortions popularized by their opponents, the records of Kerry and Edwards in the Senate shows better & more mainstream  judgement than Bush & Cheney.