To the Editor


The time for change is now. We need new leadership in the White House and on Capital Hill, to take us back in the right direction. So, I urge all voters in the 24th District to support Jeff Miller.


Jeff Miller will be a fresh new voice of reason, conscience and intelligence. He will best represent the needs of the young people we want to keep in our communities. He will also advocate for programs that benefit the elderly, the working class and the most vulnerable in our District. He understands the issues with today's media and will fight for our right to hear a full range of ideas.


Many think our incumbent has influence in Washington DC, but its price is complicity with a party

co-opted by corporate wealthy interests, neo-conservatives and the religious right.


A majority of Americans recognize that we going in the wrong direction. We cannot afford four more years of incompetent decisions, that have poorly executed a questionable war, mortgaged our children's future to ballooning deficits now, and divisively pandered to our darkest fears. Our freedom and our future are at stake. Vote for Jeff Miller.


William S. Gazitano

Utica, NY