The Revolution starts now, but only if we can assure a fair election.  


Go to this site to see a complete list of coalition organizations in America, striving to provide a fair election in America. We could call this the coalition of the determined.

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On 10/25/2004, Mike Malloy, an Air America talk show host reports that in early voting in New Mexico, there were two instances, where voters tried to check Kerry on their touch screen, and the check mark appeared next two Bush. One person cleared and re-registered their vote for Kerry before it showed that the vote was for Kerry. The other voter showed the problem to volunteers, and was assisted in getting his vote recorded for Kerry.  If this is true, you can imagine that a few incorrect votes will slip by less vigilant voters. 

I pray this is an urban legend.

Meanwhile, in Florida, the voting fraud capital of the world, a judge has ruled that no paper trail is needed for touch screen voting. So, if the vote is close, there is no apparent mechanism for a recount. We are just suppose to trust the hardware and software companies that favor Bush, to do the right thing.

This judge decision is not an urban legend. How is any touch screen voter suppose to know, if their vote is being accurately counted. Even if appears accurate, how do we know?

As Mike Malloy of Air America said, this is why conservative Republicans were so focused on getting their judges appointed, starting during the Reagan Administration. They are coming back to bite us.

There is a joke going around via e-mail showing someone trying to vote for Kerry, but ultimately having their vote registered for Bush. I wish it were just a joke. I hope it is just a joke and just an urban legend.

Meanwhile, Republicans are trying to challenge new registrants in Cleveland, Ohio, a likely strong hold for Democratic voters. They have no shame.  They have said that they will win Ohio, one way or another.   This no joke and no legend.  It surpasses Bush’s arrogance, when he announced on Martin Luther King Day, 2003, that his Administration would challenge the affirmative action policy of Michigan University. 

If all this is true, Kerry will have to win by a landslide, in order to appear to squeak by in a final count. We will have to come out in droves, to offset the dirty tricks of the Republican Karl Rove leadership, that will stop at nothing to win an election. He has done it before several times, and he will try to get away with it again.

Don't get discouraged. But recognize the importance of your vote and your activism. If I can find other suggestions of what we can do, I will pass them on. In the meantime you can volunteer at Election Protection, go to:

My apologies if I sound paranoid. If the vote appears to be close, it is unlikely that we will have a declared winner on or shortly after election day. Ironically, we may see fairer elections in Afghanistan & Iraq, than we will see in the USA.

If I find I am over-reacting later, I will admit it, and apologize.

Bill Gazitano