The Choice is Clear! 


We cannot afford four more years of Bush and a Republican Congress. 


$         Their decision making is fundamentally flawed and compromised.  


$          They will not change.  They will continue to take us further in the wrong direction. 


$          But when you strip away the Republican distortions, Kerry is best suited to bring us back in the right direction.  


So. . .


$          Just say “no” to 4 more years. 


$          Just say “no  to Bush.


$          Friends don’t let friends vote Republican.


This is our country in 2000, after 8 years of Clinton.


Peace, a safer nation, good relations with allies, less guns & more cops on the streets, new jobs, balanced budgets, a plan to pay off our debt, less students per classroom, better access to health care ,and a cleaner environment.


This is our county in 2004, after 4 years of Bush


War, a less safe nation, strained relations with our allies, more guns & less cops on the streets, job losses, record deficits, debt near legal ceiling, unfunded mandates for states regarding education, less access to more expensive healthcare for more Americans, and a roll back of environmental standards.


Get the picture?  We’re on the wrong track with Bush!


Kerry has better plans for Iraq, fighting terrorism, homeland security, restoring relations with allies, more cops & less cops on the streets, creating jobs, reducing our deficit, eventually reducing our debt, more teachers & less students per class, reduced health care cost with access for more Americans, and a cleaner environment.


Any questions?  The time for change is now! 


Vote for change!  Vote for Kerry - Edwards.